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Current Issue:Vol.2، No.1،spring and summer 1397،page1-171
English and Persian Advertisements: An Intersemiotic Analysis
page  7 -  30
The Impact of Teaching Critical Thinking on the Reading and Writing Abilities of Iranian EFL Learners
page  31 -  73
The Impact of Rhythmic Teaching on the Vocabulary Knowledge of Field Dependent and Field Independent EFL Learners
page  75 -  105
The effects of ‘Find the Difference’ and ‘Describe and Draw’ activities on speaking ability of Iranian pre-intermediate EFL learners
page  107 -  126
The Study of the Relationship Between Kolb’s Learning Model and Learning American Slang for Teaching and Learning by Iranian EFL Students
page  127 -  146
Language and ideology in newspaper headlines on Iran’s nuclear program
page  147 -  163
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