Hazrat-e Masoumeh University

While expressing gratitude for the cooperation of the esteemed researchers with the scientific journal "   Applications of Language Studies ", below are the rules for publishing articles in this journal:

1- It is essential that the submitted article has a new and up-to-date scientific topic and content.

2- The authors are responsible for the contents of the article.

3- The article has not been published in any journal before. Sending an article or a part of it (in Farsi and English) to other journals at the same time is against the ethical regulations. It should be noted that the inclusion of articles in the collection of articles of seminars and conferences are excluded.

4- The article is the result of original research by the researcher or relevant researchers. It is necessary to observe the principle of trustworthiness in writing the article while using similar and up-to-date researches.

5- Reflection and reflection in writing the text and presenting the findings and avoiding haste in reflecting the achievements of the article have a significant role.

6- It is not possible to remove, add or change the names of the authors, as well as change the responsible author, after referring the article to the reviewers.