Hazrat-e Masoumeh University

Document Type : Original Article


MA, Islamic Azad University, Qom Science and Research Branch, Qom, Iran


This study aimed at investigating the difference in the effects of “Find the Difference” and “Describe and Draw” activities on enhancing speaking ability of Iranian pre-intermediate EFL learners. The researcher adopted an experimental approach. This study consisted of 50 female participants, who were equally and randomly divided into two experimental groups. First, the researcher administered an Oxford Placement Test, followed by two interviews to make sure that the participants’ level was pre-intermediate. Then, the researcher developed a teacher-made test and in order to prove the validity of the developed test a group of 40 participants, other than the major participants, took the test.  The participants were divided into two experimental groups and the pre-test was administered before the instructional treatment. The treatment lasted for eight sessions and during this time the experimental groups received information gap activities. Finally, the post-test was administrated for the two groups and the results of the posttest were analyzed through some statistical procedures to determine the effect of the two types of information gap activities on enhancing Iranian EFL learners’ speaking ability. The results indicated that there was no significant different in the performance of the two groups on the posttest which revealed that the two instructional techniques (i.e., ‘Find the Difference’ and ‘Describe and Draw’) were equally effective on enhancing Iranian pre-intermediate EFL learners’ speaking ability